• Dylan Thomas

Kaua'i Ho'e Wa'a races continue

As the rain continues to pour on 'sunny' Kauai the wind also stays steady and the outlook for Sundays race seems fair although the winds might have the tendency to drop right off if the rain continues through out the week. Initial race course predictions look to highlight Kalapaki to Poipu as the race course but Tyrus Siale, race director, will make that call Friday, latest, based on current conditions. The season has been packed with great runs so far and the Kauai contingent of paddlers continues to strengthen as the season draws closer to the Maui to Molokai race and the Solos that follow for the Molokai Challenge.

Meanwhile the number of paddling visitors to the island continues to increase which is fantastic. Taking advantage of the year round good paddling conditions.

The keiki paddling groups launched this week around the island in the start to the summer season of 6 man sprints and the water ways will continue to fill as the surf settles down at the tail end of winter.

Wishing you steady breezes and following swells all the way to the finish line.


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