• Dylan Thomas

Kauai needs your help

Aloha All,

As most of you will know by now the beautiful island of Kaua'i was hit hard over the weekend with record setting rains and associated flooding. You can go online to view the disastrous outcomes of mother nature in all her beauty. Everyone needs help. Everyone needs a hand and I ask that you all spare a thought for the difficulties of each and everyone effected by this event. Within the paddling community, Hanalei canoe clubs, Namolokama and Hanalei CC, lost pretty much all their canoes, or at the very least suffered extensive damage due to the 100 year plus natural disaster. The Kauai Outrigger Association has launched a Go Fund me account. Please click, donate (if can) and SHARE.

Thanking you all so much for your thoughts, prayers, kindness and generosity.


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